Where the good wine
and the excellent food are respected

The "АмстердамЪ" (Amsterdam) Restaurant is located in the heart of Old Plovdiv, in its most romantic part - next to the Mosque. It is set in a tall, old-fashioned house, transformed into an elegant restaurant with a typical northern European interior and atmosphere. There you will find a true oasis of good taste.

Without being pretentious or overly plentiful, the menu offers interesting interpretations of the increasingly popular European cuisine with a Mediterranean flavor. But the best part about Amsterdam is that almost every month the dishes are replaced with new ones, even if the master cook is ready to prepare you a dish that is not on the menu.
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„АмстердамЪ“ (Amsterdam) is one of the few restaurants in our largest Thracian city, where wine is highly respected. In the well-organized wine list you will find wines for every taste and every pocket, and the underground and perhaps the most romantic part of the restaurant is turned into a charming wine shop, where with the help of the professionals in our staff exciting wine tastings can be organized.